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Thanks for visiting my website.  Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink (wine if you want, I’m not going to judge :-) )


I write steamy paranormal romance and urban fantasy, mainly.  I’ve been known to dabble in straight up romance as well, and even thought of writing a thriller once, then I got scared of the imaginary killer, so I now stick to happily ever afters.  A perennial romantic, I believe in soul mates and magic, hence my love of paranormal romances.  I’m a member of Romance Writers of Australia and will read anything as long as it holds my attention. 


My first manuscript is a paranormal romance, The Children of Morrigan, set in present day London and is currently being considered by a number of agents and publishers after I pitched at the RWA’s annual conference in August.  I’m currently working on book two of the story and a love story set in the DRC, Europe and the United States spanning from the 1950s till present day. 


Please follow my blog, or ‘like’ my Facebook page to follow my journey from aspiring writer to, hopefully, published author.  Oh and sometimes I’ll just tell you random things about my life, and share random thoughts.  

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