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My first manuscript, The Children of Morrigan, is set in present day London and is currently being considered by a number of agents and publishers.  I’m currently working on book two of the story and a love story set in the DRC, Europe and the United States spanning from the 1950s till present day. 

Children Of Morrigan

First book - currently seeking representation


'To save his kind, the reluctant heir to the shapeshifter throne and a demi goddess must accept their true destiny and fight the forces of evil to bring peace to a troubled land, and to their restless souls'.  


Abandoned by her parents when very young, 32 year old African-American Angel D’Oliveira always felt different. She wasn’t like the other kids, being able to feel other’s emotions the way she does, and she grew up convinced she was destined for more in life than she has achieved so far living in Washington, DC. Finding a photo of a house that’s plagued her dreams since her early teens in a magazine compels her to travel to London. She hopes this house may hold the key to the answers she seeks and set a course to a destiny that will change her life.

War O’Connell, 35, a surfer from Australia moved to London in hopes of adventure only to find two long-lost cousins, Bree and Morán, and recurring dreams of a distant past, wolves and gods.  The dreams are so vivid and real, and combined with strange things happening in real life, he thinks he’s losing his mind.

When the two meet sparks immediately fly, and realising their attraction is more than just physical, they wonder if they are meant to help each other unravel their respective mysteries.  

Can Angel, with her newly discovered goddess powers, and War as the rightful king to the Therian throne, overcome the forces of evil and bring peace to a troubled time and find everlasting happiness with each other?

This is a story about searching for magic in the world and finding it in the most unexpected of places, what it’s like to find your soul mate and discovering there’s more to love than just serendipity.  



By the way, this isn't the cover, just a mock up of what I'm able to do with my limited design skills.   



Children of Morrigan (Book Two)


The next one i am working on.. Another story featuring War and Angel.  Although the Children of Morrigan is a stand alone novel, I couldn't quite let go of War and Angel.  

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