Writing, my escape and my salvation

So, it’s the first of February. I can’t believe January is over.

For those reading my blog and following me, you’ll notice that I had a bit of a hiatus towards the end of the year.

2015 started out well enough and zoomed by pleasantly, but by September something was off. I’m not sure what. I’d attended my first writing conference ever. Thank you Romance Writers of Australia. I’d met other people like me, who understood my deep-seated passion for writing and reading, and even managed to pitch successfully.

When I returned from the conference I set to work on editing and polishing my manuscript to the best of my ability and send off two submissions. Only to get rejected. D’oh! That hurt! But, the rejections were nothing but kind and had some VERY useful feedback. So I got back on the horse before gearing up to submitting to the other pitches.

But, as life goes, I also won a critique while I was at the conference (read the blog here) and decided to wait for that before submitting the rest of my pitches.

Then, like a woman who clearly doesn’t know when to say when, I decided to sign up to NaNoWriMo (read the blog here) while waiting, that way I could get a start on my second novel. It was all going well until by the end of November disaster struck. Next thing I know, I’m two thousand words short of winning, and I am so completely and utterly depressed that I’ve stopped writing, blogging, and editing.

The days turned into weeks and those into months. Only in January did I start, sporadically I might add, blogging and now it’s February.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve slowly gotten back onto the horse and am editing my first manuscript with all the critiques and comments received to finish my submissions process, and I’ve signed up to an online course.

Then it hit me, I’m happy! When I write or do writerly things, the world just fades away and I forget how miserable I am and just live.

It’s official: Writing is my escape and my salvation. I write when my life is shit and I wish for a better world, and I write because I can’t not write. It’s always allowed me to escape whatever woes I had, and it’s clearly making me happy. I couldn’t ask for anything better right now.

So what helps you? Tell me in the comments section.

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